Eternally, Lasting Forever

from by [∆TL∆S]



At the edge of the world!

You can fall from a greater distance,
No matter your diligence or persistence,
You become glass,
Tendons of a shattered hand,

Oh sleeper,
When you dream it will,
Shake the earth,
These effects will be Eternal Lasting Forever,

Dreamer sleeper hear me now,
Our bonds are made of stone you’ll never be alone,
Go to sleep,
You’re never lost just caught between where you are,
And where you’re supposed to be,

Do you know that we’re standing at the throat of the world?
Wind tears your face as you whip past the pine trees,
Just understand I’ll break your fall if you need me to.

There is no shame,
When you falter and you’re swimming upstream,
And I will wait here through December,
I gave my word remember,
‘Cause I break I bend I fall I cry,
I discover hate each day I’m alive,
But I will wait here, through December,
I promised remember?

I am not ashamed,

To live life in a way that,
Lets me survive my mental illness,
All the faith the have goes straight to hell,
So just have some faith inside yourself.
And you said, “no one can catch me”,
But spring wont touch my fucking family,
I will be here through December,
Cause I gave my word just remember.

To keep your heart,
And know your home,
Travels with you inside your bones,

I am not afraid,
Nor am I ashamed to let my demons,
See that light of day.


from The Divide, released August 28, 2014



all rights reserved


[∆TL∆S] Victoria, British Columbia

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