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Enough of this heartbreak,
Sleep hasn’t found me for days,
Because when I dream it’s of your eyes you snake,
There is no keeping safe,
I’ve been told loves greatest love is hate,
Would you clutch me close if we were destined,
To live, and die,
All alone.

Don't you ever forget how we got here,
Your lies and your deceptions,
The fables you hold near.
Don't you ever forget how we got here
Those deceitful lies and fables,
That I will no longer hold near.
Oh gorgon, don’t you look me in the eye,
Oh gorgon, your stare is my demise,
I’m so sick of your excuses they are,
They are old and I am weak
Bring me home where I can sleep,
Bring me home where night falls on my head.

It’s as if the human conception of love never meant a fucking thing,
It’s as if you never learned how to say enough is enough,
But in spite of your brilliant eyes your hair its shine your smile,
I have already made up my mind you’re dead you’re done you’re gone you bitch.

You always said we were meant to die alone.


We were meant to die alone yellowed eyes and chests of stone x2
Within those hollow eyes
Lurks a certain quality
To stare right through myself
And see what I could never be.

We were meant to live and die alone,
So please stop choking on your forked tongue,
When will you stop eating your tail before we’re done
Because enough Is enough and now its time for you:
To put up or shut up



from The Divide, released August 28, 2014



all rights reserved


[∆TL∆S] Victoria, British Columbia

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